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Switching Banks

Switching banks should not be complicated.

Thank you for choosing Lakeview Bank!  With these simple steps its easy to switch banks.
You will need:
  • Valid photo identification showing current address
  • Social Security number
  • Phone number
Have the following information available:
  • Your new account number and Lakeview Bank routing number:  091917351.
  • Review prior bank statements to identify:
    • Direct deposits (payroll, government benefits, investment income, etc.).
    • Automatic payments (mortgage, utilities, credit cards, student loans, streaming services, gym memberships, etc.).
  • Print a list of companies or individuals paid through bill pay.
  • Contact each company/person to notify them of your new account information.
Make sure all deposits and payments have been successfully transferred to your new account.
Once all your checks have cleared and your automatic payments and direct deposits are being credited or debited from your new Lakeview Bank account, close your old account.

Interested in an account?

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