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Mortgage Products

What is the right mortgage for you?

Properties differ and so do the financial needs of our clients. We offer a wide array of loan products to fit your mortgage loan borrowing needs:

Conventional Conforming Fixed Rates

These loans offer the predictability of a fixed payment and should be considered if you are on a tight or fixed budget and don’t want to risk a payment increase.

Adjustable Rates

ARM loans usually begin at a lower rate than fixed rate loans which help you qualify for a larger loan, but since the rate is adjusted periodically based on the program you choose, the payments may fall or rise accordingly. Therefore, if you are confident your income will increase to handle possible increases in monthly payments and if you expect to own your home no more than four years, an ARM product may be right for you.

Jumbo Loans

We can provide a wide array of mortgage loan products that may exceed the current conforming loan amounts. Loans that exceed the following amounts would be considered jumbo loans:

  • 1 unit > $417,000
  • 2 units > $533,850
  • 3 units > $645,300
  • 4 units > $801,950

Construction Loans with a Refinance to a Permanent Loan

Working with Lakeview Bank allows you the convenience of having one lender take care of both your construction financing needs and your permanent financing, while saving money on your closing costs and time.

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