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Closing Checklist

Checklist of Information Necessary to Apply for a Mortgage Loan:

  1. A copy of the Purchase Agreement if a new purchase (signed by all parties)
  2. Social Security numbers (borrower and co-borrower)
  3. Current address (and previous ones, if your current address is less than two years old)
  4. Your gross monthly income, to include:
    • Base pay (most recent paystubs)
    • Commissions (if on commission, a copy of W-2 forms or tax returns for two years is required)
    • If self-employed, tax returns for past two years
  5. Names and address of employers (employment information must cover at least two years
  6. Bank account numbers, institution addresses, and approximate balances
  7. A listing of your assets such as:
    • Real estate
    • Stock, bond
    • Life insurance and amount of cash value, if any
    • Gift letter, if funds are being provided by relatives
    • Retirement accounts (401(k), IRA)
  8. A listing of your liabilities, such as:
    • Name and addresses of present mortgage company if you own property (include loan numbers, approximate balances, monthly payment)
    • Names of credit cards or firms with outstanding balances such as student loans, personal loans, auto loans, etc. (include account numbers, payments and approximate balances)
    • Child support or alimony obligations (separation papers or divorce decree required)

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