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Business Checking Account Comparison

Accounts Lakeview Community Checking Lakeview Non Profit Checking Lakeview Small Business Checking Lakeview Relationship Business Checking Lakeview Business Checking
Description Specially Designed for Community and Non-Profit Organizations Only
Designed for
For Small Businesses with Uncomplicated Needs Business Customers That Have Both Checking and Loan Accounts with Lakeview Bank Business Analysis Account with Higher Balances And Activity
Minimum Balance None None $2,500 Checking: $5,000
Loan: $50,000
Monthly Fees None None $7 if Balance Falls Below Minimum $15 if Balance Falls Below Minimum $14 Account Analysis Charge
Free Transactions Per Month First 20 Items First 500 Items First 100 Items First 500 Items Free
Per Month
Determined Through Account Analysis
Per Item Charge $0.15 Per Item Over the 20 Limit
$0.25 Per Item 
Over the 500 Limit
$0.25 Per Item Over the 100 Limit $0.25 Per Item Over the 500 Limit Details
Other Benefits Complimentary Use Of Lakeview Bank Community Room
Complimentary Use Of
Lakeview Bank
Community Room
N/A N/A Service Charges Offset by Earnings Credit
A minimum opening deposit of $100.00 is required for all accounts.